More Uniqueness!

Hi! I got one more Unique Blogger Award nomination! I won’t repeat myself about what this award is about, but you can check my original award-post here.

This time the nomination is from the lovely Simsophonique, whose awesomely cute blog contains stories and CC and is definitely worth checking out! You can find it here:
Simsophonique & The Sims
and the award post is here.

Thank you so much, Simsophonique!

And now is the time for the questions and answers:

1) As a sims author, do you plan to publish your story as a real book?
As awesome as it would be, I think I’ll pass. I think my SimLit stories have their identity too firmly rooted to the Sims world. I’d have to do some serious tweaking before I’d publish them, at least. I’m writing some other projects that I’m planning to at least try to get published as physical books, though.

2) Do your friends and close relatives know about your story/legalicies? Do they read it ? What do they think of ?
I’ve lately become braver about showing my stories to my friends. Until recently I didn’t even tell them that I have stories published on the internet. But nowadays some of my friends know about my SimLit blogs and have even checked them out. My fiancé has also read almost all of the Chrysanthemum Tango that I’ve written so far. The feedback from them has always been positive. My fiancé has especially been helpful and asked some really thought-provoking questions about my story. Things like “If one of your anthropomorphic personifications created several human forms at the same time, how aware would they be of each other and what would it be like if those human forms met?” or “What would happen if Tad had his arm cut off?” 🙂 He’s awesome.

3) What is your best/worst part of your current stories / legalicies?
If I’m thinking about my creation process, I’d say that the best part is just getting my ideas into words and playing the game and discovering new things and getting new ideas through even really random things. I also love interacting with the lovely people on the forums and in the WordPress comments. The worst/most difficult part is struggling with my somewhat laggy game at times and finding the right ways to get my screenshots looking like my mind says they should look like. :/ And if I’m thinking about the finished chapters, well, I think my strongest writing happens when I’m delving into the characters and developing them and their relationships. However, I’m not the greatest at plotting and I usually start overthinking it way too much. I’m also not the most confident about my more villainous characters. I like writing morally ambiguous and crooked characters, but I always feel like they end up lacking direction and proper plans.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m staying on schedule with my NaNo, and I’m also planning my next Fey -chapter. I’m also going to publish a new Tango chapter… well, pretty much right now! I’ll go edit some pics for it and then get to putting it together. Bye for now, and have a lovely time!

3 thoughts on “More Uniqueness!

  1. Thank you for replying my questions and for the awesome comment you left me about my blog. For now I have recolours to share but I am lazy to say : okay I’ll share my novelties. As you I have to struggle with my game which eat up a lot of ram after a certain while and it often crashy. In addition, I am too much hooked about my story it’s hard to “do” something else with the game even though I planned to redecorate some places.
    I wish you good luck for your real writing projects. No way to publish Miss V as well. I made it for fun and I’ll be very ashamed if it’ll become a book as you, it’s too much sims connected. It’s a great chance the sims 3 exists, it pushes non-author player as I was to become one.

    In my surrounding , I just vaguely told my mum about my story but that’s all. I don’t have nobody to read it around me and it’s a rather a good new, especially my story is a pure fun and nothing is serious inside except two or three things. But your friends are helpful and supportive, and no matter what kind of strange questions they ask you, they show you they are caring of what you wrote.

    I rarely interact except with my followers or people I follow on wordpress but I am glad when people let me some stuffs to say. My story is so much simmified there is absolutely nothing to say about.
    The game is a pure source of inspiration first, as we know nothing could be so magical if we don’t dig a bit and ask our imagination to complete it.

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      • You are welcome. I try to always ask good questions everybody can answer easily, writers or gameplayers. I agree with you, I played a long time sims 3 and it’s the only game I can express myself about. I also play the sims 2 and it’s harder to say something about them to make a gameplay story.

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