Announcement: Sorry

Hi guys! I know I’ve left this story hanging for way too long, but I’ve been busy and to be honest my thoughts regarding this story have been really scattered, and that has brought my motivation to write this close to zero. I really need to sort out the storyline before I can continue it. So I’m putting this story on a hiatus… well, officially now. It has been on hiatus already, I guess. 😦

I really do want to get back to this, and I’m hoping I can during this autumn. But right now I’ll keep focusing on my other stories that feel easier to write now. I’m sorry.

Thank you for your patience, everyone! You rock!

All the best.


3 thoughts on “Announcement: Sorry

  1. As you might be able to guess, I feel you on this completely 🙂 take the time you need. (Not just saying that ’cause I’m terrible and behind and it gives me a chance to catch up *cough*) 🙂

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