My Other Stories


The Chrysanthemum Tango
Amelia Sprigg decides to become a landlady to solve her money problems and to hopefully make new friends. It’s a simple plan, really, but nothing is simple when she unwittingly accepts a rather eccentric young man named Tad Dustpine as her tenant. After that it’s only a matter of time before Amelia’s life is filled with magic, potential danger, and ontological questions.

But maybe it’s not so bad. She does at least make new, very extraordinary friends and realise that she too is rather extraordinary in her own way.


Sometimes, all it takes is one mistake. One slip-up. One misguided moment that leads to one rather misguided and vengeful ghost. And as the wealthy Eldridge family and one homeless and now also lifeless Sonny Downer soon realise, fixing things is much trickier than breaking them.

This story is based on the Ambrosia Challenge.