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Hello! I just got a nomination for this award from the awesome livinasimminlifewhose stories I have praised before but will again! Do check out her amazing stories and detailed worldbuilding on her blogs:
Kassiopeia Fullbright Mystery Series
Livin a Simmin’ life

Thank you so much for this!

The rules for this award are:

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate  8-13 people for the same award.
  4. Ask them 3 questions.

Here are the question this time:

  1. What is one of your biggest in-game pet peeves?
    In the Sims 3, the attraction system. I hate it so much! It gets in the way and makes random Sims send stupid love letters and ask married people out on dates and just in general gets in the way. I’m okay with an attraction system being in the game, but it should have been WAY better implemented.

    In TS4, I’m not feeling the emotion-system a lot of the time. It’s too easy to manipulate and the feelings change too easily. Also I kind of don’t like how it makes my Sims’ feelings so obvious – although yeah, there is still much room for interpretation.

  2. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do in game or in a Sims story, but haven’t yet?
    Have Tad in Tango speak Finnish. 😀 Because considering his overly formal way of speaking, he would sound SO creepy in Finnish because he’d speak formal, written Finnish and very, very few native speakers speak in a way that’s anything close to formal Finnish (unless they’re making a speech or something… or in my case, for example, get nervous or sarcastic). So I imagine he’d sound creepily hilarious. This has a couple of major problems, though: first of all, nearly none of my readers could understand what’s going on or why it’s funny, as they haven’t really been exposed to Finnish. And secondly, in a written medium people DO usually speak Finnish more or less formally, so this whole joke wouldn’t work. So this is a thing that’s probably going to just stay in my head. Sigh…

    Other things I might put here would probably be too spoiler-y so I guess I’ll leave those a mystery. 🙂

  3. If you could live in any one of the Sims worlds (i.e. base game, expansion, or custom), which would it be and why?
    I really like Riverview from TS3, though I already live in a place like that (only bigger and slightly more urban) so I guess I should be more creative with this. Well, San Myshuno from TS4 has a super nice design (those mosaics, man!), and I like its multicultural feel. I imagine it has  bunch of eco-shops and vegan food places for me too. Not to mention the flea market!

Okay, so there we go! I’ll try to get a Fey -chapter out soon. And start working on a new Tango -chapter and all. Have fun you guys! I wish you all the best!

Also check out my original award-post here.

Unique Blogger Award


Hiya! I was again nominated for an award! This time by CathyTea and livinasimminlife! I’m so honoured! This time I posted the award-post on Chrysanthemum Tango, so you can check it out there:

Unique Blogger Award

Also I’m currently at the editing stage of the next Fey -chapter, and all the pics have been taken and edited. And during the weekend I have more time to focus on the text so I’ll try to get the chapter out around Monday, or even sooner.

So see you soon and have a nice day!

Animal Awards Everywhere!

EDIT: Renamed this the Animal Award -post because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Thanks, ixot for pointing that out.

EDIT EDIT: Can also be a Patronus Award, but I’ll keep it the Animal Award now. Also I got yet another nomination from The Parker Legacy! Thank you! I’ll add your name to the list of people who nominated… right now!

So I’ve been really tired lately, and when the first message of this award dropped into my inbox I was like: “Eeeeeeeeeeh, wut? Cool I guess.” But then I got my brain working better and I am super happy and honoured! And then some other nominations for this award were sent my way and now I’m just… confused and happy. Because wow, that’s a lot of awards. All for me? I didn’t expect this. But like I said, I’m now super extra special happy and honoured! And slowly getting my sleeping rhythm back to normal (note to self: editing old writings should NOT be done when the time to go to sleep is near).

So thank you all these wonderful people who nominated my stories for this award (if I’ve missed someone, then give me a shout and I’ll add my thanks to you here). Do check out these awesome bloggers if you’re feeling like finding some good reads:

The people who nominated The Fey of Life:

Violincat from Sims Stories of Violincat – Here you can find two story-driven SimLit stories. I’ve only recently started reading them, but they are nicely quirky and cosy and have a very approachable writing style.

Moon in Capricorn from The Jonathan Chronicles – This is a story-driven SimLit story with very nice writing and believable characters.

blamsart from Light the Way to Heaven – This is a legacy story with more than a touch of magic.

Derubelle from Derubelle’s Sims Stories – Here you can find both a well-written, more story-driven SimLit story as well as some challenges!

The Parker Legacy from The Parker Family – This legacy story has just started, so if you’re looking for a new legacy to follow, then this could be it!

The people who nominated The Chrysanthemum Tango:

ADWilson from Have I Got a Story for You! – Here you can find a randomacy that looks like a lot of fun!

Senna from The Racket-Rotter Chronicles – This is a very nicely written text-only story about Twinbrook’s townies.

So again, thank you all and congratulations on your own awards!

The Patronus/Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

2.) Post the award picture on your blog.

3.) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

4.) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

5.) Pick and notify ten nominees.

Well, the 1) and 2) are done, so I should say a little bit about me next… Ooookay.

I’m a young adult from the frozen wasteland known as Finland… though in reality we have our four seasons and right now it’s really summery here. And this isn’t a wasteland, really, but rather a country covered with forests and lakes. So never mind. I love a lot of things, such as my family, fiancé, and friends. I also love arts, martial arts, reading, writing, nature, tea, the feel of grass under my bare feet, striving to be a responsible consumer, thinking about random and not so random things, peace and quiet, and darkly beautiful and beautifully dark things. Among other stuff. I’m rather cynical, but it’s balanced out by my love for the world, I guess. So yeah, I’m just a human-shaped thing that likes to create stuff and think.

I’ve written a few blogs for other reasons too, but my SimLit blogs are hands-down the most involved. These blogs are a way for me to express myself and to appreciate the ideas the Sims series gives me. I’ve been as Simmer since the Sims 1 was a thing and even though I’ve had my longer breaks from these games, I’ve never really stopped. It’s one of my favourite game series ever (though not the absolute favourite, sorry Sims. 🙂 That honour goes to the original Thief -series). SimLit is not the only thing I write, and writing it is equally amazing to writing something else I can express myself through, but to me the Sims game brings its own flavour to writing, and I like that. This blog is also a place for me to talk to lovely people and to meet more of them. I’ve also found a lot of really good reads through getting involved with the Sims community again. So these blogs definitely have a special place in my heart.

And then, My animal:

I did some tests just for fun because I couldn’t decide, but they all gave me a different answer and none of the really clicked so I went back to thinking up what I myself would really want to be. So at first I thought it would be obvious that I’d say CAT! Because cats are awesome and independent and graceful, and kind of mean but still so goofy and cuddly. But I don’t know… I don’t think I’m awesome enough to deserve the form of a cat. Plus cats are carnivorous and I’m a no animal products kind of person… Though if I were a wild cat I could just hunt all of my food… hmmm… I could also go for one of my other extra favourites and say FOX! Because well, foxes are lovely and playful and they’re also omnivores so I could eat berries and all that good stuff too. So a fox or a cat, then. Or maybe a lynx. Though I’m not awesome enough for any of those, but let’s pretend. 🙂

And then, nomination time… If you want to see more praise to other wonderful writers, you can also check out my Liebster Award post. I tried to pick blogs I haven’t nominated already, and hey, I didn’t have to go on an epic quest to find new reads for these nominations! I see I have been a more active reader lately. I’m sure these people are already swimming in awards, but who cares? These people are awesome and amazing and I can take this opportunity to say that again!

My nominees (in alphabetical order):

CathyTea’s SimLit Anthology by CathyTea – So many well-written stories here! And it’s also such a warm, welcoming place with a lovely atmosphere and nice visuals.

Dust to Dust by CitizenErased14 – Last time I nominated her other story, (Para)Normal Neighborhood, so it’s time to give this novel-length, beautiful and at times tragic story some love from me too.

Eight Cicadas by Trip – a dark, intriguing immortal dynasty -based story with scifi, a bit of magic, and amazing screenshots as well as very enjoyable writing.

Ironbound by Munterbacon – A scifi-fantasy story with a truly rich and interesting world as well as amazing visuals.

Last I Saw was Yellow by zyphlid – This story hasn’t had many chapters yet, but it has such a promising start! It’s an intriguing film noir -style detective story with a nicely unique visual style.

Mistakes by Niura – Here you can find a couple of stories, including a detective series with likable characters and interesting plots. The screenshots also have this nice style reminiscent of comic books.

Raerei’s Fortress by raerei – Tons of different stories in this one, all written with raerei’s beautiful style. I’m sure there’s something for almost everyone here.

The Krazy Crazy Life of Kass by livinasimminlife – here you can find the stories of Kass Fullbright. Her life is filled with mystery, character development, and exciting twists and turns.

The Talented by NotJustaBook – A really interesting and amazingly shot start to a fantasy story to be found here. There aren’t that many chapters yet, but I’m eagerly waiting for more.

Undead with Benefits by Pronterus – A funny vampire/crime story that makes even me, a person who normally finds vampires uninteresting, invested in the vampire world!

Congrats to all of you, and I hope everyone is having a good time!