Sunshine and Updates

Hi! Both of my Sims -blogs were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’m so happy! I posted the award post on the Chrysanthemum Tango -side of things this time for balance’s sake. You can check the post here.

Also I figured this would be a good opportunity to tell you what’s going on with Fey. I’ve done a rough outline on the next story arc, but it still needs a lot of adjusting. I’ve also done some renovating in the Farley-Monsoon house and tweaking my characters’ appearances a bit, since the next story arc is going to take place after a 1½-year time skip.

I’ve been thinking I’d at least start by writing the next chapter that’s supposed to mostly just showcase how the family’s life has changed during that time skip, and start building on the plot threads from there. So I’ve definitely not abandoned this story.

I’ll hopefully see you soon with another Fey –update. Have a nice time, everyone!

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