Hi again! I’ve now been going through the chapters and reading them with a bit fresher eyes and… well, this story doesn’t suck quite as bad as I felt, like I said. Well, except for a few problems that I tried to fix and that were actually fixed with rather small changes. Mostly I didn’t like the slowing pace of the later chapters, even though I knew it was necessary and that things are about to pick up right… well, right in the next chapters.

So, I did do some editing, and most of it is minor. I doubt you even need to reread anything (well, except the latest chapter) to get what’s going on. But to those who are curious, here’s what changed:

Most of the chapters (until chapter 13) just got some general polishing, some spelling/sentence structure errors and mild continuity hiccups were fixed, and I changed the location of some of the pics in relation to text. So nothing major.

However, then came the bigger changes:

Chapter 13: Removed the conversation between Lynn and Michel about Michel’s worry that his foosball invitation could be mistaken for a bad pickup line. It didn’t feel that good when I first wrote it, to be honest, and by now it just felt really awful and I kept wondering where the hell that even came from to begin with. So that’s gone. Also removed a line from Rem towards the end, when he talks about Lynn being right about his fairyness because a similar conversation was already had in chapter 7. Now his worries are just about the fact that the “Tree Lady” is back and that he chased her away even though she actually had answers he needed. And there were other tweaks as well.

Chapter 14: This is basically a totally new chapter now, and it combines some of the things I had planned for chapter 15 but that felt better to be condensed here. I think the pacing, the tone, and the direction where this chapter is taking the story is much better now, and it’s just not pointless screwing around and… well, it’s way better in my opinion. At least it doesn’t make me feel angry and too insecure anymore. It’s so different that you should probably reread it if you want to catch up with the story because while the main plot is similar, it is taken forward more than originally.

So yeah, I feel like I’m back on track. Let’s see how I’m going to stay there.


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