Cleaning Time

So I said at the end of Chapter 14 that I’d be doing some rereading and editing, which I have, and so far it’s going well. I’ve read through almost all of the chapters and I feel like this story is not that terrible. Yay! I did, however, hide the latest chapter (14.) from you because I think I’m going to do some big changes to it. I’m not very happy with that chapter, and even as I wrote it I had so many directions I wanted to take it in that I couldn’t pick just one and therefore it’s kind of all over the place and ruins the pacing. I feel like I can do much more with it or at least try to make it suck less. So sorry, but it’s private now. If you have already read it or somehow still manage to see it, then just know that it’s probably going to change a lot.

Until then, have a good time everyone! I may get back to actual posting quite soon. Maybe even next week!


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