A Word about Spam

Okay, I’ve noticed that I’ve got some comments that the spam filter has deleted, which is fine as long as it really is spam. But I am a bit paranoid because the filter has once thought that a perfectly legitimate comment was spam and I just barely managed to save it. Just a heads up for everyone: I don’t want to censor anyone, so if you ever decide to comment on my work and the comment doesn’t show up, it doesn’t mean that I have deleted it (unless it was… I don’t know, super offensive or something for some reason), but just that it has been somehow caught in the spam filter and then been deleted before I’ve managed to save it.

I try my best to check the spam file a lot for legit comments, but it’s kind of overzealous with deleting everything it blocks really fast.

It might be nothing, but I just wanted to make sure that no one is feeling censored. Carry on and have a good day.


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