November and NaNoing

Hi! So I don’t really have that big a following or that set a schedule for a month’s absence to be noted by pretty much anyone, and I have probably already taken that long a break at some point without any explanation, but I figured I’d do a little announcement on why I likely won’t get a next chapter of The Fey of Life out until December.

First of all, I’m probably going to be pretty busy with both school and my other hobbies besides writing, but that’s nothing new. I can pretty much always squeeze in a little bit of writing time if I just want. However, in November my writing time will be first and foremost dedicated to the NaNoWriMo – or in other words writing a 50 000-word novel in November. It’s a really fun challenge I’ve been participating in since 2010, and it’s the time when I desperately try to silence my usually very insistent inner editor and just let the words flow. Also, it’s my personal break from writing in English (which I do a lot) so I can focus on developing my writing in my first language – even though getting a high word count would be easier in English than the word-combining, prefix and suffix -filled delight that is Finnish.

So… not much else to say. If anyone reads this and considers participating in NaNoWriMo, then I’ll wish thee persistence and inspiration. If someone new to NaNo had their interest sparked, then that makes me happy. There’s still time to participate, seeing how the writing only starts in November 1st. Otherwise, this is just my excuse for not focusing on The Sims so much.

See you guys later!

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