A Word From the Author

So yeah… hi everyone who’ll probably (hopefully) be reading this. I might blame my long bout of flu and sinusitis for this sudden craziness that made me actually put a story into the scary world of the internet. I’ve been Simming since The Sims, and got into the storytelling with The Sims 2. Now, when 4 is a thing do I finally try to actually get my hands back into the wonders of Sims storytelling. I thank anyone who stops by and especially thank anyone who gives me feedback on this. The Prologue is already up and it should be right below this one. If not, you can of course find all the chapters in the Chapters page.

This will be a sort of urban fantasy drama with fairy tale elements in it and I really hope that intrigues you guys enough to give this one a shot! Drop by to the About page if you want to read more about me.

Thanks to everyone who stumbles upon this!


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